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DaytonLit’s weekly email newsletter will keep you posted on the latest literary happenings in Dayton. It comes with an essay by Fredrick Marion as well as occasional interviews and photographs. Here’s what other artists have to say about it:


“Fred’s weekly email newsletter is part poetic homage to the writing life, part insight into the creative process, part inspiration, and part events calendar. And it adds up to a whole that is a love letter to writing and the creative process. Not in a goopy, drippy way. Remember, being in love can include some angst.

Sharon Short, literary columnist, author and Director of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop at the University of Dayton. Sharon’s most recent novel is My One Square Inch of Alaska.


“If you’re interested in the arts and/or reading the blog of a quirky thinker with an original voice, you owe it to yourself to subscribe to Fred Marion’s email newsletter. It’s a warehouse of artistic goings-on in our area as well as a forum for Fred’s insights about the human experience.”

Ed Davis, educator, poet and novelist. Ed’s most recent novel is The Psalms of Israel Jones.

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