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Does poetry matter in modern America? A one-question interview with Dayton poet T.J. McGuire

Question: Does poetry matter in modern America?

Answer: “In an age where fingertips can conjure information javelined at us as quick as lightning, and it’s still too slow — the relevance of poetry’s immediacy for its condensed storytelling abilities, is a large part of the appeal that today’s reader-on-the-go finds attractive. For the poet: the ability to seize upon a current event, fashion into art and deliver back to the public while the topic is still fresh. For the reader: to be able to ingest a high-quality gourmet meal in one sitting, put their hands behind their heads and feel completely satisfied. Same is true for a painting, photograph or song — because of its brevity, one can revisit and be wonderstruck as often as one’s time allows. If Time is one of humankind’s most precious commodities, then (as the arts are concerned) one could consider poetry as one of Time’s most valuable distributor of goods. Poetry delivers. It delivers fast and hard. Therein lies its power.”

T.J.’s first book of poetry, Mid-Life Chrysler (God, I love that title) just hit shelves:

Check it out on Amazon.

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